Thursday, 2 October 2014

Why choose an iPhone over others?

- Aditya Kumar Singh
  • Being an iPhone user, the very first thing that gets noticed is the build quality of an iPhone (or any apple product for that matter) stands above any smartphone in the market; the closest coming would be the HTCs.
  • The second would be the smart, sleek and simple user interface, unlike the sophisticated android UI .Steve Jobs took great pride in the fact that apple products are shipped without a user manual! So simple, yet so unique in the tiniest details!
  • The display of the #iPhone is a fair 326 PPI (latest iPhone has 400 approx). PPI (Pixels Per Inch) is slowly becoming the most non essential spec that is featured in the recent smartphones as it’s nearly impossible for an average human eye to distinguish pixels more than 300-400 from the distance phones are held.  
Aditya and Subhranil explaining how iPhone has an edge over others in GD1.0

  • Apple iPhone 6 features 2nd generation 64 bit desktop class Dual Core A8 processor which clocks up to 1.4GHz and still comfortably beats all quad core flagship Smartphones at performance, that’s how power efficient apple interface is!

  • Camera of the iPhone is very famous in the world of photography and the latest one features a mere 8 MP camera.Although MP(Megapixels) of a phone is'nt the only thing that determines the camera quality.Many other technical software features,for example their patented optical image stabilization, focus pixels, cinematic video stabilization are involved, that are generally not considered by the people.

  • As seen, an Apple product is certainly not determined by the specs they feature as there is nothing catchy about it. To experience its performance and feel, it requires a hands-on experience, which of course would cause a deep hole in your pocket, but in general would not be regretted for sure!